NHS Performs

About NHS Performs

NHS Performs brings together information on how hospitals and NHS Boards within NHSScotland are performing. Through NHS Performs, you can access information on:

  • Accident and Emergency (A&E) performance
  • hospital waiting times
  • the numbers of cancelled operations
  • healthcare associated infections (HAI)
  • numbers of patients who remain in hospital longer than they need to be (delayed discharges)
  • numbers of hospital beds
  • hospital deaths

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Using NHS Performs

Select a hospital from the list to get the most up-to-date information available for each indicator for the selected hospital, the NHS Board where the hospital is located and Scotland.

From there you can access trend information, which shows how performance is changing over time and charts. Charts are available for each indicator showing information at a national level for NHS Scotland, by region for the NHS Board and for the selected hospital.

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Content of NHS Performs

Users are able to access information by selecting one of the 41 hospitals in Scotland currently included on NHS Performs. Information is then presented for that specific hospital, the associated NHS Board and for Scotland. Unless specifically noted, the figures shown for the NHS Boards and Scotland relate to all hospitals/facilities within the relevant Board area and Scotland.

When hospital level information is not available for a specific topic, only Board and Scotland level figures are shown

If the value 'N/A' is shown for an indicator this signifies that the information is not available or not applicable.

NHS Performs only includes statistics that are routinely collected and published by Information Services Division and Health Protection Scotland.

Trend information is presented for the latest 5 quarters/15 months/65 weeks, depending on the time period associated with each indicator.

Within NHS Performs, information on the average (median) waits and the waits experienced by 9 out of 10 patients are included for the cancer, outpatient and inpatient/day case waiting times topics – these indicators are often used to help provide an easily understandable measure of the waiting times distributions. The Scottish Government also reports performance against the Local Delivery Plan (LDP) Standards, including 31 and 62 day cancer waiting times (95%) and 12 week treatment time guarantee (100%), as part of Scotland Performs and in the relevant official statistics publications (which are signposted throughout NHS Performs).

Feedback on NHS Performs

We hope that you find NHS Performs easy to use. If you can suggest ways in which to further improve or develop NHS Performs, we'd like to hear from you. Unfortunately we will be unable to respond to individual feedback, however all comments received will be considered as part of the future development of NHS Performs.

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Further Resources

The information located on NHS Performs is only small selection of data published by the Information Services Division and Health Protection Scotland. You can find much more on our two main websites Information Services Division and Health Protection Scotland.