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We hope that you find NHS Performs easy to use. If you can suggest ways in which to further improve or develop NHS Performs, we’d like to hear from you. Unfortunately we will be unable to respond to individual feedback, however all comments received will be considered as part of the future development of NHS Performs.

We conducted a user survey and held a number of user engagement events earlier this year so that we could find out more about how people use NHS Performs and what users would like to see added or improved. A summary report of these findings will be added to this page soon.

Patient Opinion

Some of the feedback we receive from NHS Performs users is about their experience of the NHS as a carer, family member or patient. We recommend sharing your experience with Patient Opinion, an independent non-profit feedback platform for health services.

If you've experienced health or social care services recently, either yourself or as a carer or friend of someone else, please consider sharing your story through this online service. How was your care? What was good? What could have been better? How did you feel about it?

This independent, not for profit service is independent of the NHS.

Watch a video explaining how it works

Visit Patient Opinion website